Why Are You Not Succeeding?

What’s the most common cause of Failure? You can come up with all kinds of reasons but there is one which stands out from the rest.


It’s the opposite of Focus.

If you are not succeeding, ask yourself, “What is distracting me from working towards my success?”

You want to succeed. That’s a given. You know how badly you want to succeed. But you keep failing. So if you want to succeed so badly, why do you keep failing? Why are you not succeeding?

There’s a very common reason – Noise.

Not the audio type of notice. Not the blaring music playing in a room somewhere – although that can cause it too. It’s the distracting type of noise. Things which are distracting you daily. Things which pull you away from doing what you have set out to do. Things like:

  • New scheme to make money
  • Latest shiny object to solve all your problems
  • Checking to see how your favorite team is doing
  • That viral video the group has been talking about
  • Social media to catch up on
  • That cool game someone told you about
  • The list goes on…

So you check things out, telling yourself it’s okay. It will only take a moment.

But then what happens? Before you know it, your whole day is gone. One click led to another. And another. You have not taken one single step forward towards your chosen goal.

You have to discipline yourself. It is not going to work if you can’t discipline yourself. You are just going to be too distracted to do the things necessary for your success.

If you want to succeed, you have to remain focused. Shut off all the distractions. Do not allow yourself to believe the lie that it will only take a moment. Do what you have set out to do first thing every day. Only that. You can reward yourself with a distraction later when you complete everything you wanted to do (but not a new scheme until you finish the current one).

You will thank yourself for that.

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