The Quest for Success – Beware the Dark Side

Key to Success

I’m reading “Need to Know” by Paul Myers.

It’s always a good opportunity when you can pick the brains of the masters. The Chinese learn from their sifus the subtleties of their craft – be it in cooking, geomancy, metal-working, martial arts and just about any craft – so that the student can be one better than the uninitiated. Properly executed, the sifus and his students make everything look so simple. They make you stand in awe and think ,”I also want to do that”.

So it is with learning about achieving success.

In this digital age, making money is so easy. My son just made $24.95 on his first online venture. It won’t pay for his car, but he’s grinning from ear to ear as he’s just seen the power of the internet. It’s a big confidence booster and you can bet that $24.95 won’t be his last paycheck from the net.

There is unfortunately, a dark side to this digital economy.

And that’s the illusion of success.  (Coincidentally, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is screening in the cinemas as I write this). So called gurus and experts are peddling their products, selling promises to instant riches. And just like the dark side, the promises can be very seductive – “No need to put in all the hard work and perseverance, just take these short cuts and you’ll be rich.” These gurus and experts do make money – from the searchers looking for the secrets to instant success. It’s exploitative, and it can be a very dangerous world for the uninitiated. And not just for the uninitiated, but also for ‘successful’ people who lose focus in what they should be doing.

Thankfully, there is real light in the world.

Indeed, not all is doom and gloom. There are some very ethical marketers who do not succumb to the temptations of greed. They deliver real value and are not out to fleece their buyers any which way they can. What’s their motivation? I can’t speak for all of them, but I know quite a few who are guided by strong moral and/or spiritual values and a genuine desire to help people succeed. And that’s where the ebook by Paul Myers come in.

Need to Know” is an amazing book.

In his book, Paul Myers shatters a lot of the myths as to why people fail to succeed. You’d be surprise what he says about willpower. His approach is strategic and he offers practical advise on what you can do to break free from your own self-defeating beliefs. There are 16 chapters in his book, covering areas from mindset to having a real business to leveraging and focus. This is not a book you are going to read just once if you are serious about achieving success in your life.

The other thing that is amazing about this book is – it’s free!

Don’t let the zero price tag to the book fool you. He could easily have sold it as an information product and make a tidy sum from it. Like all marketers, Paul wants to be able to reach out to you for his other products. So you do have to give him your email address. But that’s a small price for the incredible value you are getting from the information he is giving.

In the upcoming posts, I am going to share my learnings from this book.

Stay posted.

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