I Sometimes Wonder What Life Is All About…

The Result of a Life without Direction

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine just recently and he asked the question, “What is life all about?”. What is interesting is not just the question (which it is), but our own readiness to face that question. I’ve had countless conversations over the years about the meaning of life with all types of people. Even people who are supposedly successful are faced with this ultimate question – “What is life all about?”.

After all the struggles, sacrifices, and success, what is the meaning of it all?

We all go through various stages of life – that’s the process of aging. So we don’t stay as babies, but we grow from  a rolling, crawling bundle of joy to an annoying, irritating teenager and hopefully to a mature, responsible adult.

At each stage of our growth, we change not just physically and intellectually but also emotionally. Our responses to external stimuli and promptings changes over time. What used to make us feel awed gets jaded over time. Over-exposure to emotional triggers make us cynical of another fellow human being’s intentions. We are less inclined to help and more inclined to just mind our own business.

And what was not important to us begin to take center stage. What influenced us change.

We begin to build things which seem important to us, which will give us that measure of ‘success’. We commit our time, our effort and our resources towards that goal. And things get moved around, re-prioritized, and displaced in our lives. Our central focus changed. We chase that elusive measure of success.

The measure of success. I shall go into that in another post as it will be a long one.

Back to the question of what life is all about. Or rather, our response to that question. Do you know the answer?

Tell me what yours is. And stay tuned.





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