Lead Magnets and List Building

Anyone who wants to succeed, needs to have a list. Without a list, you pretty much are not realizing the full potential of what you can achieve. I work with top level marketers and inevitably to a person, their single biggest asset is their list. They could give up everything or lose everything, but not their list. Because with their list, they are not only making predictable income, they can also rebuild their business from scratch, if necessary. Not with any type of list, but a qualified list – people who are into what they are offering.

The question is, how do you get such people into your list?

A common list building method is the use of Lead Magnets. That’s just a marketing term of saying “Give something attractive to someone so they will give you their email address”. That “something attractive” is an inducement (some call it an ethical bribe), and it depends on the type of “someone” you are trying to get into your list. Different people respond to different inducements differently.

So then the question becomes, “What are the types of lead magnets available, and which one should I use?”.

Charlie Page has written a very good article on this topic on his blog. It’s called “15 Lead Magnets That Convert Like Crazy“. He has written it better than I ever can, so I am just going to summarize the 15 lead magnets he enumerated. You should go and check out the full article yourself.

Here are the 15 types of Lead Magnets (in no particular order – it really depends on your target audience):

  1. Reports or Guides
    • focus on one specific topic
  2. Toolkits or Resource Guides
    • a list of what you use and how to use them
  3. Free Trial of Software
    • offer a fully functioning, time-limited use of the software
  4. Quizzes and Surveys
    • provoke their curiousity to compare, share, and voice their opinions
  5. Brochures or In Depth Sales Materials
    • for very targeted niche like the investing and financial niches
  6. Pricing Sheets
    • for high end premium service or product
  7. Cheat Sheets and Checklists
    • works well with “how to’s” types of topics
  8. Video Training or Webinars
    • supply content which gives “Aha!” moments
  9. Coupon Codes or Discounts
    • offer a limited-time discount
  10. Tests or Self Assessments
    • let the visitors pre-quality themselves
  11. Step 1 of the Ordering Process
    • pre-commiting the prospect to make the purchase
  12. “Do you Qualify?”
    • A step up from #10, create a sense of exclusivity
  13. Action Plans
    • cut the confusion with Short, Simple List of “What to do next”
  14. Mini Courses
    • real action steps to achieve real baby step results, so that they will come back for more
  15. Free Products
    • Going for the long term – you must have an effective sales funnel set up
  16. A surprise – go check the article in CharliePage.com

So there you have it – a comprehensive list of lead magnets you can use. Don’t just blindly use all of them – understand your target audience and use the appropriate one.




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