I Sometimes Wonder What Life Is All About…

The Result of a Life without Direction

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine just recently and he asked the question, “What is life all about?”. What is interesting is not just the question (which it is), but our own readiness to face that question. I’ve had countless conversations over the years about the meaning of life with all […]

A Review of Sorts

For the past month I took time out from blogging to review my own blog progress. Blogging is a new medium for me so this has been pretty much a new experience for me as well.

I wanted to make the blog more action orientated but somehow the flow doesn’t quite seem right here. So I’ve decided to work on another site which is more targeted for action takers and keep this site for philosophical thoughts. It’s being built right now, piece-by-piece as I take my time to enjoy the process of setting up a website.

How will it turn out? Honestly, I don’t know. I certainly hope it will turn out well but until I test it, I will never know. And that’s how progress is made. One way or the other.

Why Are You Not Succeeding?

What’s the most common cause of Failure? You can come up with all kinds of reasons but there is one which stands out from the rest. DISTRACTIONS. It’s the opposite of Focus. If you are not succeeding, ask yourself, “What is distracting me from working towards my success?” You want to succeed. That’s a given. […]

Lead Magnets and List Building

Anyone who wants to succeed, needs to have a list. Without a list, you pretty much are not realizing the full potential of what you can achieve. I work with top level marketers and inevitably to a person, their single biggest asset is their list. They could give up everything or lose everything, but not […]

The Essentials for Guaranteed Success – Part 3


Discipline and Accountability – the first two factors which are essential for guaranteed success are very much dependent on you. It is something you can personally influence and develop. The third Essential Element is not something you can easily influence. Yet without it, most people fail. It is also the one element where some people […]

The Essentials for Guaranteed Success – Part 2

essentials for guaranteed success

The second thing that you need for guaranteed success is Accountability. We (that’s you and me) are great at lying. We lie to everyone. We even lie to ourselves. Okay, that’s a bit harsh. I don’t mean we lie in a bad guy way, like what you see in movies. I’m talking about deceiving ourselves. Umm… […]

The Essentials for Guaranteed Success – Part 1

Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed Success. Who doesn’t want that? So a guarantee to success is a big claim. But who can guarantee your success when they don’t know you or your work ethics? The truth is, nobody can. But there are certainly ways which will tip the statistic of success in your favor. Most people wishing for success are doing just that […]

Success vs Happiness: Are They The Same Thing?


Here’s an interesting question: Does achieving success lead to happiness? Or, are happiness and success the same thing? Sarah Vermunt, in an Entrepreneur article Success vs. Happiness: Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking They’re the Same gave her thoughts on this. There is a difference between real success which leads to happiness, and the superficial type of success which […]