How has 2019 been for you?

In 3 more days we will reach the end of another decade. As is usual for every end of year period, there is always some reflection and even soul-searching for some as to what they have achieved for the year gone. So how has your year been for you? Did you manage to achieve what […]

Tips On How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

succeed with affiliate marketing

The best way to make money online is to sell your own product. However, when you are just starting out you most likely do not have your own product. You can do the next best thing – promoting other people’s products. Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. You can succeed with Affiliate Marketing as […]

How to Succeed Working for Yourself

Believe in Yourself to have what it takes to succeed

succeed working for yourself

Thinking about working for yourself can bring out all sorts of anxieties that pepper questions at you. Questions like, “How can I succeed working for myself?”, or “What if I don’t have a college degree?” Do you know how many millionaires today never got a college degree? Some didn’t even finish high school. Mary Kay, […]

Is it Time to be Working For Yourself?

The best time to start a new business from home is now

working for yourself

Ever have the thought, “Maybe I should be working for myself?” Whatever is the trigger for that thought, there are many reasons to start a new career working for yourself. Some people get to the point where they realize the job they’re currently in isn’t satisfying to them anymore (if it ever was at all). […]

Being Productive In The Face Of Self Doubt

Overcome Self Doubt By Implementing Productivity Habits

productivity frustration

In my previous post, I discuss about being aware of your self doubt and how you can use that to overcome its paralyzing effects on your productivity and success. What are some practical ways to apply this in your daily activities? There are steps you can take to prove that you have it in you […]

The Truth About Self Doubt and How To Conquer It

How to be productive when Self Doubt sneaks up on you

self doubt

Self doubt is a constant challenge to your productivity and your ability to move forward to be successful. It is a mindset which you have to overcome and change to be a successful entrepreneur. It’s hard enough working against the clock when you’re trying to successfully build your business online. But throw in a hefty […]

Start a Business For Yourself in the Online World

An online business provides the opportunity for you to do the things you like as a personal expression of fun, satisfaction and rewards

Start a Business

I’m starting off a series called Start a Business. There would be at least one post a month on the topic and I’ll be exploring and showcasing businesses which are good opportunities for the individual. These are not businesses with big upfront investments money-wise but ones which would be suitable for entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs. […]

Why People Fail Before They Even Start

The One Factor Which Will Immediately Determine If You Are Going to Be Successful


Have you ever wondered why some people are successful over and over again, while other people just can’t seem to catch a break? You can take two people; give them the same skills, the same opportunities and ensure that everything is equal between them, and one person might succeed while the other fails. This is […]